Bold, Fearless, & Off the Cuff, LA's Hottest Comedy Troupe is All-Female & All-Funny.

5/28/14  We won 2nd place at THE WEB SHOW SHOW competition with our Shorty BOP IT! Thank you to the esteemed panel and everyone who came out to support us. We can't wait to compete again in July!


5/22/14  Our Shorty PILLOW FIGHT CLUB is a Top 25 Finalist in FUNNYorDIE'S MAKE 'EM LAFF COMEDY CONTEST

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5/5/14  The month of May is PRODUCTION MONTH! Stay tuned for brand new SHORTIES!


4/23/14  Join us for SUNDAY FUNDAY at Saddle Ranch Bar on Sunset Blvd.   Click Here for more info!


4/23/14  We are featured on FUNNYorDIE's YouTube channel!  Click Here to find out what sketch!


3/3/14  Check out our brand new, original web sketch series ADULT ALL GIRL SEXY SLEEP OVER PARTY! Click Here to take a look!


2/13/14  PRODUCTION WEEK! We have independent projects planned for the month of March but our lips are sealed for now! Stay tuned for the exciting release...


2/1/14  We're in San Francisco for SF Sketchfest! Check out our Instagram @DuchessRiot to see all our fun pictures of the festival!


1/19/14   Will you be in the San Francisco area on February 1st? Check us out at the San Francisco Sketchfest for an 8pm & 12am Short Form Improv show!



1/9/14  Come to our SUPER DUPER EXTRA SPECIAL SHOW on January 17th @ 8pm. Tickets are just $7 cash at the door. See you at ACME Comedy Noho Theater!


1/1/14  HAPPY NEW YEAR!  Our New Years Resolution as a group is to group text on our iPhones more so we can annoy Jen McGlone.


12/30/13  It's almost 2014! But for this sad group of friends, it's a CRAPPY NEW YEAR. Watch this week's Shorty & ask yourself this important question....What's your resolution, betch?

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12/23/13  Check out Erin "The Ginger" Muroski's ERIN ON THE SIDE OF AWKWARD in  this week's Shorty!

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12/16/13  Watch Christmas Super Mommy Mindy Bankson on #INSTAFAMOUS! She'll give you plenty of ideas for that pesky Elf on the Shelf in this week's Shorty.

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12/11/13  We are super honored & excited to announce our acceptance into the 2014 San Francisco Sketchfest! The SF Sketchfest features some of the hottest comics in improv, sketch, stand-up, podcasts, features, music & more. Our shows are currently scheduled at 8pm & 12am. on Saturday, February 1st. & we'll have more details for you soon! Check out the line-up on their site in the meantime & see why we're jumping for joy! 

SF Sketchfest Line-Up


12/9/13  The holiday season is among us! Not sure what gift you're going to get for your bestie? Check out this week's Shorty and buy her a pair of PRICKLE PANTS! It's guaranteed. BUT WAIT THERE'S MORE... click to find out.

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12/2/13  It's time to play America's favorite new game show WHAT ARE THEY TALKING ABOUT? Check out this week's Shorty!

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11/18/13 #RoofBreakUp, the dramatic saga of a lover's quarrel on a Brooklyn rooftop is now reenacted by our very own Erin Muroski & special guest star Lance Paullin. This week's Shorty is based on the live tweets of Twitter sensation @KyleAyers!

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11/11/13 Four girlfriends get together for a girl's night in. But when one of them leaves the room, the girls become such...girls! Check out this week's Shorty, BEHIND YOUR BACK.

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11/4/13  Think you have a BROKEN GAYDAR? These oblivious ladies      definitely do. Check out this week's Shorty!

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10/28/13  THANK YOU TO ALL OUR FANS FOR VOTING US AS LA HOTLIST'S "BEST THEATRE GROUP"!  We are proud to have won 3 years in a row for 2011, 2012 & 2013.


10/28/13  Halloween is just around the corner! Watch a very special Halloween edition on this week's Duchess Riot Shorty written & starring Katie Elsaesser!

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10/21/13  Erin Muroski has some awkward news for Suzanne Cotsakos in this week's Shorty! 
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10/15/13 Double Deys dropped it's new single today! Watch this crazy music video with Dione Kuraoka Devin Dygert in CHICKENS DON'T HAVE SOULS. Featuring Lauren Howard Brown & Debbie Lockhart as Glam Dancers.

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10/14/13 It's Shorty Monday once again! Have you ever wondered what it would be like to go on a date with our very own Debbie Lockhart? Watch DATES WITH DEBBIE to find out!

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10/7/13  It's Shorty Monday! Lauren Howard Brown is "Karen", one of the most famous girls on Instagram. Tune in to get all the secrets on how to become #INSTAFAMOUS just like her!

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9/30/13  Do YOU remember ABC's After School Specials? We do! Join us for our exciting show on Friday, October 4th as we improvise an original After School Special based on YOUR suggestion! Tickets are $7 cash at the door and the show starts at 8pm at ACME Comedy Noho. We look forward to, like, totally seeing you there!
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9/30/13 It's Shorty Monday! With the premiere of Joseph Gordon-Levitt's DON JON, let's check in with our Gordon-Levitt obsessed Dione Kuraoka as she tells us WHAT'S UP WITH JGL!
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9/23/13  It's Shorty Monday! Get to know the serious side of Duchess Riot. This week's Shorty is entitled  IT'S NOT FUNNY.
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9/16/13  The DUCHESS RIOT SHORTIES are here! 8 GIRLS, 1 POLE is our first official release of our new random & funny web sketch series. This weeks Shorty 8 GIRLS, 1 POLE was written by Duchess Erin Muroski.
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9/4/13 Welcome to our NEW WEBSITE! Check out our new photos, bio videos, and even cartoon drawings of your favorite Duchesses. Thank you to Jenna Howard for her Duchess illustrations, Devin Dygert & his photography team for our gorgeous pictures and to Ko Wills & the glamour squad. Most of all, thank you to our fans who continue to follow and support us along the way! Enjoy!    

XOXO The Duchesses


9/4/13 Join us for our September Show at ACME Comedy Noho. Friday, September 6th @8pm.
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8/2/13 Duchess Riot's first show at AMCE Comedy Noho Theater was a success. Visit us at our new home on the first Friday of every month for killer improv!


7/29/13 It's a double birthday! Lauren & Katie Elsaesser were both born on the same day. To give them a birthday gift, please donate to THE ROYAL RIOTEER CLUB!


7/22/13 Duchess Riot hits the road! After a successful 2 year run, the girls say goodbye to the Avery Schreiber Theater as it closes its doors. The Duchesses will now be performing at ACME Comedy Noho in North Hollywood. Their first show is August 2nd @ 8pm.


7/4/13 Happy 4th of July from Duchess Riot


6/18/13 Announcing our new original play, THE ROYAL RIOTEER CLUBClick Here for a Sneak Peak

6/01/13 June show - Friday, June 28th at 8pm at the Whitmore Lindley Theatre


5/30/13 Our May show will be on Friday, May 31st at 8pm at the Avery Schreiber main stage


5/20/13 Chelsey is off in Atlanta filming a feature, THE CIRCLE


4/28/13 Check out Lauren Howard Brown's REAL HOUSEWIVES OF ORANGE COUNTY sketch!


4/19/13 April Show - Friday, April 26th at 8pm at the Avery Schreiber main stage


4/8/13 Duchess Riot is hosting the first ever BIG BOOTY TOURNAMENT and proceeds go toward our Relay For Life Fundraiser


3/20/13 Join us for the March Schlong Form Show on the last Friday of this month


3/6/13 Duchess Riot is gearing up to participate in Relay For Life once again! For more info on how YOU can help, click here to visit our Charity Page


3/5/13 Chelsey Crisp will be appearing on FOX'S NEW GIRL!


2/14/13 We want to wish you a HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY! XOXO The Duchesses


2/6/13 Another SOLD OUT event for our third Comedy Central Hudson Stage show!  Thank you to our beloved audience who came out to support


1/28/13 Our first show of 2013 was a sold out success!


1/8/13 Duchess Chelsey will be appearing in Joe Schmo 3 on SPIKE TV! Click Here for mo' Joe Schmo Show info. Premieres January 8th @ 10/9c


12/4/12 Tune into ABC's HAPPY ENDINGS tonight and check out Chelsey Crisp as a Rob Corddry's trophy wife! 9/8c


11/29/12 New web shorty released! Duchess Riot calls upon you to repost their video regarding the controversial Facebook Privacy Act. It's the only way to keep your status updates and photo content private! 
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11/20/12  Duchess Riot won LA Hotlist's 2012 "Best Theatre Group".


11/13/12 Tune in to ABC at 9/8c to watch Lauren Howard Brown's co-starring role on HAPPY ENDINGS!


11/6/12  Get out and vote for two things: The Presidential Election & Duchess Riot. We have been nominated for LA Hotlist's "Best Theatre Group". If we are your favorite group of funny gals, let your voice be heard.


10/26/12 OCTOBER SHOW! Crawl, float, or fly over to the DUCHESS RIOT HALLOWEEN SHOW on Friday, Oct. 26th @ 8pm. Wear a costume and receive $1 off your ticket.


10/3/12 Thank you to our fans and industry folks who came out to watch  the Duchesses perform at Comedy Central's Hudson Stage tonight. The Duchesses hope to be back soon.


9/18/12 Duchess Riot is heading back to the Comedy Central Stage at the Hudson on October 3rd, 2012


9/10/12 Erin Muroski booked a print ad for SILK SOY MILK


9/9/12 Chelsey Crisp booked a Guest Star role for ABC's HAPPY ENDINGS


8/25/12  Suzanne Cotsakos signed with a new Manager of  Bohemia Group.


8/22/12    Chelsey Crisp filmed a Guest Star role on TNT's RIZZOLI & ISLES.


8/21/12  Lauren Howard Brown booked and filmed a Co-Star role on ABC's HAPPY ENDINGS.


8/20/12  The Duchesses are going on auditions for ABC & NBC this week.